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Medium is a good platform to start writing and make an income online. With the Medium Partner Program, you might be eligible to earn as much as $8,000 a month.

Imagine this-earning $8,000 a month for one post published on Medium alone. Just one post that makes a 4-figure income.

Is this possible?

I could say, it is. All you have to do is write interesting topics you love on Medium and have yourself included as one of their partners like I do.

Becoming part of their Partner Program is a big step to make money using the platform, which has been implemented recently.

I have been writing there for years, although not frequently as I should be.

At the time, before February 2020, my posts were available for readers…

Just because you quit the job you like, it doesn’t mean you failed. A teacher in front of her students teaching a lesson.
Just because you quit the job you like, it doesn’t mean you failed. A teacher in front of her students teaching a lesson.
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You make love working for it but compromises have to be done to allow bigger opportunitites to come to you.

Remembering the times how I quit as a teacher and succeed as a writer is something I couldn’t imagine at all.

I grew up thinking I could be a successful person once I studied hard and got good grades. But it wasn’t the case for me.

I graduated in 2013 with “almost” flying colors. Like I only needed 0.22 of my QPI to become a Cum Laude (an honorable mention awarded to college students next to Summa and Magna cum Laude).

When I found out about it, I couldn’t understand how I should feel.

Should I be happy because I…

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Writing is a lonely path. As Ernest Hemingway puts it, “If I started to write elaborately… I found that I could cut that scrollwork or ornament out and throw it away…” Nobody could understand what’s going on inside our heads.

Why do we have to sit in front of our laptops, our PCs, our desks all day long?

Why don’t we get to move and go outside our bedrooms and talk to other people about senseless topics we never bother to think or care about them?

What’s with us?

This is why I wrote this post. I want to express…

Have you ever wondered why writers tend to get addicted to coffee? So, here’s the truth about writers’ coffee addiction.

Coffee is a stimulant. For writers, who need some boost to keep their mind work albeit the pressure and time-limited writing work, it’s recommended to finish their scheduled task.

Writing itself is a hideous task. Especially if you’re a technical writer like me. I spend a lot of time reading resources to write one single 2,000-word article. That’s a lot of work, time consuming.

And the worst part is, I’m at my lowest point during the late afternoon and it’s…

Is your spouse a writer? Have you been in a relationship with someone who’s life entangled with words, having no life outside his or her desk? Do you find it difficult to understand romancing a writer? Why is it difficult to love us?

There are a few of the questions you have in mind when we talk about how odd writers are. Yes, as a writer myself, I hear that a lot from my family. My parents thought I didn’t have plans to go outside the house and have a walk. Not even my husband could force it.

Struggle 1: Writers’ Need For Isolation

To write…

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Why do writers want to be alone all the time?

It’s a question most people treat as a cliche. As you see, I always refer to how media presents us and create a stereotype of who we are, how we are.

Most of it is true. They really are. Writers tend to be the loneliest creatures on Earth.

Writers Are Lonely Creatures.

Today, my boss and I shared a bit of a personal talk about our day-to-day experiences. He asked me to live happily no matter what. As soon as I saw his message, I honestly was taken aback because of one thought. Loneliness.

Writing is a process. From honing your skills to earning an income. Success as a freelance writer vs author relies on how you brand yourself as a writer regardless of the industry you’re into.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links that help me monetize the site. Currently, I am not running any ads so I heavily rely on promoting products and/or programs that I use and believe. Don’t worry. I only recommend those that are proven to work.

In writing, there are two main opportunities you could get. …

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Here’s the truth about writer’s block. It’s not because you aren’t satisfied with what you’re writing. It’s deeper than that. What you’re going through is the finest result of this.

Disclaimer: The post contains affiliate links which help me monetize the site. You know, I have to pay for the site for free content you love. Don’t worry. I won’t recommend something I don’t believe they worth mentioning or haven’t used myself. 🙂

It’s already the -ber month.

In the Philippines, September has always been the start of the Christmas season. Which is why we have longer Christmas holidays in Asia. Perhaps, in the world, too. In Germany, we’re starting to feel the cold air.

The thing is most people find it hard to appreciate Christmas — no matter how…

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Do you think writing obituaries can affect the way we think about lives and success positively? If this is true, we might have to dig into it and learn how.

Disclosure: The post contains affiliate links to help me monetize the site. Please understand that I earn commissions when you click these links. Don’t worry. Rest assured that I don’t promote those I don’t personally use and believe it works.

What comes first into your mind when you think about writing obituaries? Is it the fear of death or your instinct tells you to prepare before it arrives?

Death comes swiftly like a thief in the midnight. When everyone is asleep or enjoying their late night book reading, it comes without precaution. …

Have you ever heard of Warren Buffet’s famous quotation?

“Read 500 pages every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up like compound interest,” he said.

It’s crazy, right? But it’s true. Every person who dreams to become successful someday should start reading books every single day. No television, no Netflix, no The Walking Dead or Jane The Virgin series can help you reach your goals but reading.

Reading business, self-development, marketing, non-fiction, fiction books in your dusty bookshelf is an underrated weapon to your success. Take it from Warren Buffet himself.

After reading a countless number of books in…

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