Best Cebu Tourist Spots Every Couple Should Visit & Enjoy

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Note: This post is originally published in my other personal blog. Due to personal reasons, I have to take the site down and transfer all my posts here, which is apparently more updated than the other one.

When you are in a long distance relationship, you and your online lover have always that dream to travel together. All those years of waiting, both of you wanted to visit places together.

That’s what we did. We visited the best Cebu tourist spots we could visit for a very short time (2 days and 2 nights to be exact) on a tight budget. We went through a packed schedule with the help of a traveling agency to manage everything for us. So, less headache.

In this post, I’ll be sharing you our entire trip in Cebu. Further, the exact steps we did to visit a lot of Cebu tourist spots, including the traveling agency we contacted, etc.

All set? Let’s begin.

We packed and traveled all the way from Cagayan de Oro to Cebu for two reasons. First, the appointment we had with the German consulate for our marriage papers. Second, to visit Cebu.

Step 1: Online Booking

Before we got there, we booked a flight online via Philippine Airlines. We didn’t book Cebu Pacific because it was a bit expensive at that time. So, we booked a round-trip ticket from October 24 to 26, 2017.

Note: If you opt to do the online booking system, make sure you decide fast what date and time you and your bae will go. Based on experience, within a minute or two, the seats or the time of flight can be unavailable.

Step 2: Search for a traveling agency with cheapest offers.

Next thing we did was to search for affordable traveling agencies who could help us tour the entire Cebu in the tightest budget in a shortest amount of time possible. We found these as nice options you might also try checking out

Though you’re searching for the cheapest offer, it doesn’t mean you’re looking for a crappy service.

All throughout the Cebu tourist spots tour, we didn’t have any problems with the agency though they offered us a good price.

I emailed a lot of traveling agencies days before our flight schedule and received only two responses. That’s the two agencies I listed above. Comparing their price offers, we chose to book through Green Earth Tours & Travel. And I found their service really great. They’re really recommendable.

Based on their profile, it is a Department of Tourism (DOT) licensed traveling agency and they have the most updated website and great customer service I could describe.

When I immediately called them through their hotline (032) 238 6625 via long distance call from Cagayan de Oro City, their reservations officer answered my inquiries. She was really friendly and as a client, I felt comfortable talking with her about our needs by phone and email. You can see more contact numbers you can choose from on their official website.

After a series of emails and calls from their office, we felt more relaxed since our whole trip was already planned. At the end, we paid Php 9,600.00 for the entire tour of three (3) persons for the whole trip.

The package included FREE pick-up from the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, van for the Cebu tour, tour guide, food during the whole tour, entrance costs for the Cebu tourist spots. They really fix everything for you. So, you really have nothing to worry about.

Note: If you haven’t booked a hotel for your entire stay in Cebu City, inform them. If you have, they are flexible enough to make changes or arrangements with the hotel. It depends.

Step 3: Book a hotel (optional)

I noted here as an optional step because you might not have booked a hotel accommodation before your scheduled flight. You might want the traveling agency to fix it for you. It all depends on you.

In our case, we booked two standard rooms in advance in Ford’s Inn where the German consulate is located. It is necessary for us to stay there for our important appointment with the consul. Regardless of the reasons, you can book elsewhere.

If you choose Green Earth Travel & Tours for your Cebu tour, you have a lot of options to look into. And some of those hotels they recommend are the following depending on the location:

Near Ayala area

And much more. Click here to see their complete list.

This photo was taken at the hallway, just lies in front of our room in Ford’s Inn, Banilad, Cebu City.

As for our stay in Ford’s Inn…

As for the hotel accommodation we chose, the Ford’s Inn, their services are okay. It might not be a five-star experience with them, it was a bit okay.

Although there were some issues — my sister with a sixth sense felt uncomfortable with her room and we had problems with the clogged toilets — the entire stay was somehow alright. Anyway, I didn’t have that much expectations for a hotel. If I did, I’ll definitely give them a low rating for it.

The breakfast they prepared was okay, nothing special like the other bloggers would say. Actually, we just didn’t have a choice because we have to stay near the German consulate. *chuckles*

And so far, we visited a lot of places including the best Cebu tourist spots you should also go with your bae.

1. 10,000 Roses Cafe

This is one of Cebu’s iconic places located in Cordova District, Cebu. One of their highlights is the existence of these white plastic roses I think looks great when taking prenuptial photos. We also did enjoy taking pictures there, too.

If you opt to relax and have coffee, there is also an available cafe within its bounds. You can go there through its entrance to see the backside of the location, where you can see the beautiful scenery of the sea. Locals told us that people can appreciate more of its beauty during nighttime.

2. Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant

During our first day in Cebu, we also tried the delicious meals they could offer after our German appointment. And it was already lunchtime. So, the whole troupe (I, my bae, and my sister) went to this floating restaurant and tried their best meals.

We ordered sisig, Bacolod traditionally grilled chicken, lechon kawali, and garlic rice. It was a blast. We were really full after we ate a lot of their food before we headed back to the 10,000 Roses Cafe.

3. Taoist Temple

If you want to see the Chinese grandeur within the busy streets of Cebu, you can visit the Taoist Temple. It is also where the richest Chinese businessmen reside like Gaisano, Gokongwei, and others.

In addition, people who practice Taoism could really enjoy its silence and pray with a lot of temples to choose from depending on their wishes. It could be for love, finances, fertility, etc.

With God’s blessing, we were able to visit the temple during their annual feast. So, we were able to get some FREE food from the Chinese. They served their delicious chicken rice flour noodle and boiled eggs painted with fuchsia pink.

4. Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House

Honestly, this is my favorite visit. I am Wattpad historical fiction writer, so this place amazed me a lot. Filled with the rustic scent of the things and felt the passion of each antique, it inspired me to write another book. Plus, the story of the owner struck me as well.

It was owned by one of the earliest Chinese merchants in the once-busy-street Colon. Then, the house was passed on to generations. Currently, the 10th generation resides there. The caretaker-tourist guide told us that they still live there during selected days of the year to sleep. Cool, right?

Everything you see there are all original pieces, according to the caretaker. From the imported 1864 vertical piano from Stuttgart, Germany to each piece of cobbler from different parts of the world. All antiques.

5. Fort San Pedro

Given that this was once a military defense during Spanish time under the command of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, the first governor of the Captaincy General of the Philippines, the whole location itself immediately shows it.

The entire building, located in A. Pigafetta St., Cebu City, was made from coral stones and eggs. Thus, making the structure lives through centuries. I wonder why the modern Philippine engineer won’t use the same material besides cement? Tsk.

6. Pari-an Monument

The monument itself shows a big story to everyone who visits Cebu. You can see it near the old San Juan Bautista del Parian Church, now 95% demolished after the controversy between the Augustinians and the Jesuits.

Note: If you visit a certain place in the country, you don’t need to appreciate its surrounding nature alone. But how the place became its present.

To do that, you need to know its history. And visiting Cebu was more meaningful when we learned about its history of how it survived through the years, including the historic win of Lapu-Lapu against Magellan as well as the St. Pedro Calungsod.

7. Magellan’s Cross

Who wouldn’t recognize this shrine, right? We already knew about the Mactan Shrine since grade school. But you know what, it felt different when you visit the shrine itself from the books.

It is located near the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino, a minor basilica in Cebu City. When you enter its premises, acknowledge the fact that you’re not there to sight-see but to pray as well. We also asked someone to pray for us for whatever wish we have.

They’ll ask for Php 100.00 for the prayers including seven candles with different colors depending on the purpose of the prayer i.e. love, marriage, fertility, career, finances, etc.

8. Basilica Minore del Santo Nino

The Basilica Minore del Santo Nino is also known as the Santo Nino Basilica. It is one of the oldest Roman Catholic churches in the country built in 1565. According to its history, Miguel Lopez de Legaspi discovered three artifacts discovered after Magellan’s visit in Cebu. One of them was the statue of the Santo Nino, which still survived up to this date. Amazing!

It remained a church until 1965 when Pope Paul VI declared it as a basilica. He said, “[the basilica is] the symbol of the birth and growth of Christianity of the Philippines.” Further, the renovation happened more than two hundred years after, which is the present building we see now.

9. Souvenir Shop

Buying souvenirs is a norm for tourists, including us. So, the tour included this in the package thinking we’d buy lots of souvenirs. But, my bae told me he knew how to print all that T-shirt designs since it’s his business. And we’re not into it. However, we bought one after we visited the 10th location.

10. Guitar Factory

It is named Alegre Guitars, one of the pioneers of guitar-making in Cebu. When you are too familiar with the music industry in the Philippines, you’d know that in places like Cebu guitars are their thing. Most of the guitarists love to buy stringed instruments in the region. They’re famous for that.

Because of that exact reason, I bought a newly-made ukelele for only Php 3,200 (discounted price) from the pioneering guitar makers in the country. When I say pioneers, they’re the original guitar makers since the Spanish times. And buying an instrument in that same shop is historic.

Prices vary from types of wood and the kind of instrument you’re looking for. From bandala, ukelele to cellos, they’re all there. It would cost you around Php 3,000.00 for a cheap but in a good-quality instrument to as high as Php 80,000.00 (the high-end guitars, for example).

10. Mactan Shrine

Who would ever forget one of the most iconic figures in Philippine history? Of course, when you visit Cebu, you wouldn’t want to miss seeing Lapu-lapu in person. That’s what we did. I finally saw it face to face and realized how big the statue was apart from how I imagined it from the History books I’ve read.

It is really important to spend time with your bae, especially if you started with a long distance relationship like we do. Traveling together made us closer. We got to know more of each other, including our cute or gross moments. Toilet habits, for example. *winks*

In that way, both of you can recognize your differences more, which I think plays a very significant role in building a stronger foundation of your relationship. Although you are in love and committed with each other, these small things, if left undisclosed or recognized, would create problems later on.

As someone who experienced LDR, I could say many people failed to accept these differences and to face the reality. You won’t know the person if you don’t notice their habits you think contradicts yours. So, it’s best to spend time together and know your bae more. It will create an incredible bond you wouldn’t imagine.

You can start with visiting Cebu tourist spots and do more tours later on. If you have visited Cebu and enjoyed its notable tourist destinations, feel free to share your experience in the comment section below. I greatly appreciate them!

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