How An INTJ Writes Tear-Jerking Stories Readers Love

How An INTJ Writes Tear-Jerking Stories?

Bookriot defines INTJ writers as logical, systematic thinkers who are able to turn their visions (stories in mind regardless of how impossible they are) into a reality. This is all due to our intense inner worlds nobody could dare enter and survive. Besides, it’s too deep for an average person to apprehend.

Intelligent Use Of Logic Behind Emotionally-Driven Scenes

Most of the time, an INTJ writes tear-jerking stories with the use logic even during events wherein emotions are required. We rather put ourselves in a position wherein I must use my head at all times.

  1. Place the character in a desperate time, goes up to the happy times, and take that happiness away from her
  2. Take every valuable thing or person from the character
  3. And more!

Showing How Emotional We Are

Nobody or only a few (only the closest ones) knows how emotional we are in contrast to how others perceive us. I just asked my sister today about it. She confirmed I do act cold to others which is in contrary to how I do behind the mask.

Satirical Touch Mixed Within Stories

An INTJ writes tear-jerking stories with a mix of satire. If you come to know Jane Austen, author of the classic “Pride and Prejudice,” she’s a famous INTJ. That means we innovatively use satire to the romance and again, do the 3-step technique in our novels:

  1. Their success or at least hint upon obtaining the goal
  2. Their desolation (after the valuable thing taken away from her)

How An INTJ Writes Tear-Jerking Stories — Final Thoughts To Share

Writing a novel, in general, isn’t an easy thing to do regardless what personality type you have. Though it can be learned, it’s difficult. It’s not something the public or the majority delves into. It’s always been a big and tough choice.

  1. Character’s personality (How could they survive the tough world I make?)
  2. Lesson or moral of the story (What message do I convey to my readers?)
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