Romancing A Writer. Why Is It Difficult To Love Us?

Struggle 1: Writers’ Need For Isolation

To write the best-selling book or the story we have in mind, we completely need isolation. We can’t take any form of distraction. Not even a child’s laughter.

Struggle 2: Cluttered Room/House

This doesn’t only include the writers alone but the avid book readers as well. My mom had a friend whose life revolved around reading romance books. Rather than spending time with her husband at home, she chose to read more books in her vacant time.

Struggle 3: Writer’s Deep Thinking

Since I was a kid, nobody liked to play with me because they found me absurd. Other children like to play at the playground and talk. I don’t.

Struggle 4: Alienating Words And/Or Expressions

My husband asks what I was talking about or what the words I said meant. Not only him but my family does the same. My sister most of the time. Because of my chosen profession, I tend to read more and more resulting in learning new words and expressions.

Struggle 5: Detachment

I mean the holistic detachment. Not only emotional, physical, mental but also spiritual. Most writers have doubts on the organized religion. Especially those who are fond of writing fiction. Stephen King is a Methodist but only believes in God, not the church.


Romancing a writer is kind of a difficult life for those who aren’t aware of how our lifestyle works.



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